Instructional Videos:  Here are Ed's instructional videos where he describes the technique in detail and how it works.  Included are some exercises also.  The playlist divides the video up into segments of convenient duration.  

Brian Vollmer - Lead singer for multi-platinum rock legends, Helix, Brian studied the technique for 30 years.  He has teen teaching it himself for a number of years in London, Ontario.  

Daniel James Shigo - If you're in the NYC area, Daniel teaches the technique pretty much as I have described it.  He is near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Lincoln Center.  He is a former member of the Metropolitan Opera, and the founding editor of VOICEPrints - the Official Journal of the New York Singing Teachers' Association.

Brenda Roberts - Dramatic Soprano from Germany, now teaching voice at University of Virginia.  Brenda has sung at nearly all of the major opera houses including Carnegie Hall, Paris Opera house, and La Scala.   She does not call it "Bel Canto" but does teach the inhalation of the voice.